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Dr. Dilip from Hythrapath come to Madurai Auriculo therapy training on 27/03/2016 take auricular treatment for Diabetic before treatment sugar level is 421 Then Treated after 20min again check sugar level is 352 (with in 20min reduced 70points any with out medicine ) He is very Happy
Diabetic With Out Medicine and Permanent Cure In Guasa Therapy
Akshaya Health Educational Academy Proudly Introduce NATURE INSULIN PRODUCE CLASS (NIP-CLASS)(without medicine) at SALEM On 01-05-2016 Sunday One Day Natural Treatment Technigues program Conducted by Dr.R.K.AKSHAYAN , Venue: Hotel Ganesh Magal, Near New Bus stand, SALEM. BOOKING MUST contact Dr.Jeeva jothi 7373455799
How To Cure Dengue In Naturally Without Medicine
Insul Bio For Diabetic Without Medicine in Nature
Sugar Camp at Chennai by Paadha Guasa Therapy Without Medicine
Paadha Guasa Therapy Nature Treatment Without Medicine
Nature Treatment Paadha Guasa Therapy Training at Bangalore wonderful Technic for all Problems, Without Medicine With Lab Report
Diploma In Acupuncture Practical Training at Salem On 01/07/2018 Without medicine Suddenly Recovered Technical, Root cross of Diseases Diagnosis Techniques Practical Training Limited seats Booking Must